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Your Consumers, Your Community, Your Generosity

How Do We Do It?

Only With Your Support

Eizer Lamuzen is committed to utilizing the majority of member donations to help people in need. So how do we operate our organization? We depend on the generous support and contributions of our dedicated wholesalers and producers.

In 2012, the Herzog family, founders of the renowned Kedem and Gefen establishments, approached Eizer Lamuzen and offered significant help to offset operating and publicity expenses.  Motty Herzog, the son of Reb Shmuel, along with Reuven Wolf and Eliezer Dovid Itzkowitz of KRM Supermarket, donated time, money, and expertise to our effort. The Flaum’s Appertizing Company, a flourishing and thriving enterprise, provides vital support and greatly contributes to our success.

We need your assistance to continue our operation, grow our membership base, and increase the amount of money available and the number of approved locations.  Our goal is to expand all over the United States, but with growth and success comes the expense of additional operational costs.

The very people who purchase your products are our members.  The people who’ve supported your company and its growth are the ones who now need your help.

Join your respected colleagues and become an Eizer Lamuzen supporter today.

For more information on what you can do and how you can help, call (718) 852-3500 x211.

Current Supporters

  • Kedem
  • Gefen
  • Taanug
  • Landau
  • M&D

From The People...

  • I used to be just like everyone else shopping in the store, following my list and filling up my cart. Until my husband lost his job. The first few months were manageable, but then the bills began to pile up and my local grocery let me know that I’d reached the credit limit. I was devastated. How would I feed my family? We’d been reduced from respected customers to beggars. It was humiliating. When Eizer Lamuzen began to slowly and mysteriously chip away at our debt, we received the greatest gift. I was able to return to the store, purchase what I needed, and once again feel just like everyone else.

    Sarah M. Boro Park

  • As an Eizer Lamuzen member, I love knowing that I’m helping people who live in my community, local people who need assistance. My small weekly donation, in the long run, doesn’t impact my pocketbook, and it is such a convenient, easy way to give. I’m a proud Account 120 contributor!

    Chaya G. Montreal

  • I always prided myself on being able to support my family. I had a good job, solid profession, and respectable income. But my wife became ill and there were so many new expenses, from doctor visits and medicines to child care and housekeeping services. I was drowning. Food seemed to have become a luxury. Eizer Lamuzen’s assistance came in the nick of time, saving me from going under, and helped me nourish my family during this difficult time. We are forever grateful to Eizer Lamuzen’s and its kind-hearted supporters!

    Eliezer J. Williamsburg

  • Many times when I write out a Tzedaka check, I wonder where the money goes. I understand that there are always operational expenses in any non-profit organization, but I appreciate that the majority of my weekly Eizer Lamazun contribution is given directly to the people in need. I am confident that Eizer Lamazun has spent the time determining who really needs the money and that my tzedakah is well spent. I’m glad to be a part of this wonderful organization.

    Chaim B. Boro Park