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She's standing behind you. He's standing in front of you. With no way to pay.


Help your friend, your neighbor, and your son’s Rebbe. Help the people who you see every day, who walk the same streets you do, and whose children play with yours. Who shop in the same stores, purchase the same products, and need the same things.


And fill your heavenly account with the gift of dignified assistance.

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  Your Membership

As a member, $5 will be added to your weekly grocery purchases at the store of your choice, allowing you to provide local help to the needy people who live right in your own community.

The money you donate is dedicated to supporting your friends, neighbors, and community members.

  Helps Others

The larger our membership base and the greater the sum of donations, the more people we can help.

Your $5 donation will be added to those of your fellow members and make a significant difference in the lives of others.


For more information about your membership registration, call us at (718) 852-3500 ext. 2 or email register@eizerlamuzen.com

Our dedicated volunteers are standing by to answer all your questions about your Eizer Lamuzen membership.

  • By submitting the Sign Up form, Eizer Lamzen will contact you personally to discuss your membership options in detail.
  • Your weekly $5 contribution will be donated at the grocery of your choice wherever the Eizer Lemuzen system is active.
  • With your support, we can continue to grow and change so many lives.
  • Thank you for your support!